Conductix INSUL-80 Series 6-Button, Pendant Station

6 Button 80 Series Pendant Station

The 80 Series Push-Button Pendants are excellent for crane control and ergonomically designed to accommodate from 2 to 12 buttons. Many standard and custom configurations possible. High-impact NEMA 4X case with Neoprene-booted buttons for indoor or outdoor use.



  • Cable Packing Gland – Furnished with bushing available in 16 sizes, insures water tight seal.

  • Buttons – Silicone rubber booted buttons. Seals out dirt and moisture. Available in red, green, and black.

  • Cable Bushing – Available in 8 sizes from .30 in. to 1.16 in.

  • Bushing Collar – Two sizes for cable diameters from .30 in. to 1.16 in.

  • Hanger Ring – For external strain relief connection. “S” hook is available for strain relief cable connection.

  • Lamp & Horn Switch – Knock-out holes in .47 in (12mm) dia. and .75 in. (19mm) dia. are available for a lamp and horn switch on 6 through 12 button enclosures.

  • Enclosure – Ergonomic design, visible safety yellow, shock and vibration resistant, rugged ABS 2 through 12 button. Two piece enclosure simplifies field wiring.

  • Fasteners – Self-captive stainless steel hardware and threaded inserts in housing to prevent thread stripping.

  • Button Legends – Standard button legends are included. Vertical, selector and mushroom legends are also available.

Additional information

Push Button First Row

Single Speed, Two Speed, Up\Down

Push Button Second Row

Single Speed, Two Speed

Push Button Third Row

Single Speed, Two Speed

Pendant Cable Length

0 ft., 6 ft., 7 ft., 8 ft., 9 ft., 10 ft., 11 ft., 12 ft., 13ft., 14 ft., 15 ft., 16 ft., 17 ft., 18 ft., 19 ft., 20 ft., 21 ft., 22 ft., 23 ft., 24 ft., 25 ft.