Conductix INSUL-80 Series 2-Button Pendant Station

The 80 Series Push-Button Pendants are excellent for crane control and ergonomically designed to accommodate from 2 to 12 buttons. Many standard and custom configurations possible. High-impact NEMA 4X case with Neoprene-booted buttons for indoor or outdoor use.



  • Cable Packing Gland – Furnished with bushing available in 16 sizes, insures water tight seal.

  • Buttons – Silicone rubber booted buttons. Seals out dirt and moisture. Available in red, green, and black.

  • Cable Bushing – Available in 8 sizes from .30 in. to 1.16 in.

  • Bushing Collar – Two sizes for cable diameters from .30 in. to 1.16 in.

  • Hanger Ring – For external strain relief connection. “S” hook is available for strain relief cable connection.

  • Lamp & Horn Switch – Knock-out holes in .47 in (12mm) dia. and .75 in. (19mm) dia. are available for a lamp and horn switch on 6 through 12 button enclosures.

  • Enclosure – Ergonomic design, visible safety yellow, shock and vibration resistant, rugged ABS 2 through 12 button. Two piece enclosure simplifies field wiring.

  • Fasteners – Self-captive stainless steel hardware and threaded inserts in housing to prevent thread stripping.

  • Button Legends – Standard button legends are included. Vertical, selector and mushroom legends are also available.

Additional information

Push Button First Row

Single Speed, Two Speed, Up\Down

Pendant Cable Length

0 ft., 6 ft., 7 ft., 8 ft., 9 ft., 10 ft., 11 ft., 12 ft., 13ft., 14 ft., 15 ft., 16 ft., 17 ft., 18 ft., 19 ft., 20 ft., 21 ft., 22 ft., 23 ft., 24 ft., 25 ft.